SPAM WARS! and – the New Telemarketers – My Review. Authors and Bloggers Beware.

ducks-1171944.jpgWhen I started on this author journey, the first thing I thought I needed was a website. But my first endeavor became my worst nightmare.

Spammers are getting smarter and smarter by the minute. Just as authors need email subscribers, spammers need emails bad too, but even better for them is your telephone number. Yikes!

Companies are popping up everywhere and initiating website builders, advertising campaign assistance, email platforms, and domain registries. The problem is that even legitimate companies will ask for your phone number…Don’t give it.

Telemarketers are interrupting my QWT (Quality Writer’s Time)!

You would think with a bold domain names like and (the two are related), which I’m sure came with a hefty price tag, you’d be getting an awesome website builder that the company would’ve equally invested in. But they didn’t. does indeed have a website builder, but it’s useless. What they do have is a staff of telemarketers that will call you every thirty minutes to the hour from various phone numbers trying to get you to buy more of their stuff. Whaaaaaat? Why would I buy more of something that sucks? Sucks bad. It’s not just ridiculous or painful…I literally feel like I’m being chased by the devil!

Here’s a link to a lawsuit against dated over two years ago. Why are they still allowed to be in business?

The worst part? When phone calls fail, they will sell your number to any bidder who has no qualms about texting you too. And even worse than that? I had to cancel my credit card for a new card number because they wouldn’t let me cancel my subscription. and…Just say No!

Of course, you can always register your number on the Do Not Call registry in the U.S. (I apologize, I don’t know how that works in other countries), but that doesn’t necessarily work. I learned this lesson the hard way. I had to enroll and pay extra money to my cellphone carrier for a family service where I can block numbers, but they’re still finding ways to steal precious QWT minutes. Yep, more money and time…oh, the horror!

On a side note, I’ve decided to write a short story on telemarketers and you can bet your ass it will most definitely be a horror story with some grandiose gore! LOL!

Do you know of other spammers we should all be aware of? Please let me know!

corpp book 1.jpgD.P. Joynes is a genre-crossing author hosting fairy tales and folklore and, sometimes, torn love in realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror.

“I’m a coconut with maudlin sentimentality.” Connect with me on Facebook . I also travel to paranormal destinations and you can connect with me via Grim and Charming here on WordPress.


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