Confessions of an Indie Author: Sneaky, Snarky Things I Do When I’m Not Writing.

77f48da37758329cdcf636ed3dfbbfa3.jpgUnfollow Twits who are not following me on Twitter. I hate those people. You know the ones I’m talking about…the Twits on Twitter who follow you then stop following you the next day to increase their number of followers. I have a bad habit of pretending to watch kid shows with my kids, but I’m really isolating these individuals and unfollowing them back. Mundane nonessential multitasking that has nothing to do with authorin’…its pointless fun.

Browse through Look Insides and gauge the level of writing. I especially do this with books that have exceptionally intriguing book covers. You can imagine how often covers and writing don’t match. But I’m crushed when indie writing, indeed, does match an amazing cover and worse! The writing is just as good. I hate to sound competitive, but it’s motivating. When I find something good, I will analyze it to death. Some people just have the secret formula, and I want to know the secret!

Read other author’s one star and five star reviews. I recently found out this is actually good practice, especially if you’re reading reviews in your genre. It’s an easy way to find out what readers in your genre are expecting and wish to avoid.

Consider one star reviews more truthful than five star reviews. We are all aware of the necessity of reviews, especially good reviews. I consider anything with a lot of reviews that has an average between 3.75 and 4.2 stars will likely be something worth reading. Amazon editors picks and critically acclaimed (particularly classic) books rarely fair higher than 4.2 stars. If someone’s got all 5 stars, the book is either in the erotica genre or the reviews are part of a big bogus conspiracy. When a book reaches closer to an average of 5 stars, I immediately go to the one star ratings and read what they have to say. It’s probably going to be a more truthful review of the book.

Think about ways I could beat Big Brother, Amazon. Amazon is the all-powerful, all-seeing eye. A necessity to the plight of indie authors but with so many rules, like a babysitter who has no fun plans except to watch reruns of inappropriate sexy flicks while sneaking in members of the popular crowd while you color in the corner all night.

Confessions you’d like to share? Please do!

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