instaFreebie: My Review. Guess What? It’s Not Really FREE but It Does Have a Purpose.

cute-ducks.jpgNothing is really FREE. InstaFreebie works on a great premise-for you, an author, to get your FREE manuscript to potential readers. To me, it works like music radio. My teenagers won’t buy Adele, Rihanna, or Shawn Mendes mp3s unless they heard it first for FREE on some type of media-the radio, YouTube, on Musically. InstaFreebie exists to get your stuff out there for FREE so you can earn potential readers…but like radio, it’s not really FREE and who’s paying? You are, the author! The question is, should you pay? Yes and No.

Free vs. Paid Options.

The FREE option allows you to upload your manuscript (MS) and you get a dedicated link where you can direct people to get your MS for free. There really is no point to this madness, because the FREE option does cost you, big time! When people sign up to pickup your MS, those people, indeed, become subsribers, their subscribers. Before someone can get your FREE book, they have to provide their email address to instaFreebie. You do not get a copy of this email address. Again, the FREE option cost you the most important part of the whole process, which is subscribers.

If you want to keep your subscribers, i.e. get their email addresses and add them to your email list, you’re going to have pay and the price is steep in my opinion-$20 a month or $50 for the Pro plan. You can get a FREE trial, but be careful! DO NOT CLICK the free trial button until you’re ready! Just clicking on it, will start your FREE 30 day trial immediately. Make sure you have your FREE content uploaded and ready for distribution.

Miscellaneous stuff.

InstaFreebie allows for Mailchimp integration, which is a bonus for those of you who use it (I used Mailchimp but opted out of it for now-review on that later). I’ve tested out instaFreebie for advanced reader copies (ARCs) using the FREE option and the whole process is relatively easy with a dedicated link that you can post anywhere-Facebook, Twitter, your website. But again, the FREE option allowed instaFreebie to keep the emails of potential subscribers, which they will use to promote their business, not you, the author or your book. In the end, instaFreebie should really be incorporated into your paid marketing strategy and budget.

I have tried the free trial and it works. But, remember, it’s just a host. You must post the link to your other media platforms-twitter, etc. I will probably use the paid option for a future release. More money…oh, the horror!




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