Fiverr: My Review on Book Cover Design Plus FREE Laughs Below.

One of the biggest problems you will encounter as a self-published author has nothing to do with authorin’.

Book Cover Design – it can kill your book or help you sell it.

The problem with book cover design is we are all worried about the price tag. I’ve heard authors complain how they spent hundreds of dollars only to make a poor investment. I seen authors design their own (author JA Huss does that) with success and I’ve seen a book design that tried to bring back avocado green as a suggestive selling point. If avocado green appliances went out of fashion, why would you put that on your cover? The author admit on Facebook, she had “no sales.” And herein lies our dilemma. What we think is cool might not be. Everyone says you need a pro design, but you can also lose A LOT of money this way…enter Fiverr, an online marketplace that offers $5 pro services. It is a LIE!

Fiverr Review:

First, you will pay more than $5. If you purchase a $5 package, you will get work that my 13-year-old can do better. At $5, you might not get a quality image, but whatever the artist has on stock. Here are two of my $5 covers, which have nothing to do with Scifi-Paranormal-Horror or “science” or an “underground corporate research facility” or “nerds,” which were all of the keywords I repeated in my description. If you notice, the letter “s” in saints is not capitalized. HILARIOUS!

Book cover 3_.jpg  Book cover 4.JPG

So, you should expect to pay between $10 and $50 dollars or more for a cover if you do decide to use Fiverr. When I paid $10, I got this sample-I like it and its definitely more pro looking, but they’re dudes with swords. When I asked for a revision, mentioning again, that my teen characters used science, not swords, she just swapped out swords for magic balls.


Lastly, when I paid $15, I didn’t even get a file…nothing! The designer sent me a message saying he’d send it later, but I got nothing. I waited 2 days to see what would happen before asking for my money back. After one week of placing the order, I had yet to get a response.


Some people swear by Fiverr as providing them with great services, but so far I am 0/4. Of the $35 I spent, one week later, I’d received $10 in refund (which is in cyberspace and there’s no way to credit my money back to me), so that’s a loss of $25 in credit but $35 in actual cash. I’m still waiting for the last dispute to resolve, and I admit I lost the first $10 because I didn’t know I could ask for a refund the first time.

When I started, I had no idea how important book cover design was/is. Here is the 1st and revised cover design I did myself on MS Word for my novel, Goo of the Gods, and I will put up a tutorial on how to do this later. Word is not free; I pay a $10 monthly subscription for the entire MS Office package (my whole family uses it – school, business), so I had to make cover design work with it somehow to save money.

Goo_ShopCover.jpg  GooBookCoverRevised2-001.jpg

So, that’s my review. Would I use Fiverr again? Not for book covers, and they still have $25 they owe to me, so I might try an editing service or some other type of service and test that out for you. More money…oh, the horror!

Wanna share your experience with Fiverr? Let me know!

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